LHHS Family Care Walk In Clinic At the LHHS Emergency Department

When it hurts and you can’t wait for help, the LHHS Family Care Walk In Clinic is here for you!

You never need an appointment, and we’re easy to find in the LHHS Emergency Department.

The LHHS Family Care Walk In Clinic offers non-emergency care for toddlers to seniors. We’ll let your doctor know about your visit should you need follow-up care.

Ear/Nose/Throat & Respiratory Issues

• Allergies
• Common Cold/Flu
• Cough
• Dental infections
• Eye/Ear/Sinus Infections
• Sore or strep throat
• Upper Respiratory Infections

Sports/Musculoskeletal Injuries

• Aches/sprains/strains

Skin Conditions

• Abrasions
• Blisters
• Bug bites/stings
• Minor cuts (no stitches)
• Rashes (no fever)
• Splinters
• Staple/suture removal
• Sunburn/minor burns

Gastrointestinal Issues

• Diarrhea
• Heartburn
• Nausea

Genitourinary Issues

• Pregnancy Testing
• Urinary Tract Infections
• Vaginal Discharge

Please See Your Doctor For Services Not Offered:

• Physicals for camp, school or sports
• Well baby/child visits
• Prescription refills

131 Hospital Drive • Salem, KY 42078 • 270-988-2299 • www.LHHS.org

No Appointments - New Hours

Monday - Friday 4 - 10 pm 
Saturdays/Sundays  9am – 9 pm